Construction barriers and alternate routes, Centric project

Now that the Centric project is fully underway, we have been asked to remind our community to remain outside of the construction site. For your own safety, please do not bypass the fencing or gates that serve as a perimeter to the construction site. While we have worked with both Centric and University Circle Inc. (UCI) to minimize the extent of this impact, unfortunately the proximity of the Centric development will mean pedestrian and vehicular detours for the next 18 months.

UCI has shared recommendations with us for the pedestrian route along Mayfield Road. The 'Phase 1' route appears below, and is expected to be in effect through March 2017. Please note that there is currently an extra detour due to the sidewalk reconstruction that extends under the bridge overpasses. 

In order to avoid the construction site, the recommended route from CIA to the RTA rapid station is to travel from CIA entrance 'A' through Uptown Alley, to Mayfield road.

When Phase 1 is complete the sidewalk on the north side of Mayfield will re-open, and Phase 2 will be put into effect. Phase 2 includes the reconstruction of the sidewalk on the south side of Mayfield. 

As previously announced, a new entrance to our rear parking lot has been opened. All vehicular traffic, including deliveries, will need to use this entrance. If you receive deliveries, please notify all services that they are to approach CIA on 117th street from Euclid Avenue, and not Mayfield Road. 

CIA will continue working closely with both University Circle and the Centric project owners to ensure that impacts to CIA are minimized. We expect to share another update in March 2017.