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Pay your checkout fines online

You can now pay checkout fines online through my.cia. First, get your total amount due from either Steven or Lee at the checkout desk, or email PLEASE NOTE: fines accrue until items are returned, and may be subject to additional fines or adjustments depending on your particular circumstance. Do not pay any amount until you confirm the amount with Checkout. After you pay your fine, Steven or Lee will remove any ban you may have. To expedite this process, please let us know that you have paid and we will look it up. Bans are NOT automatically removed.

Log in and go to Equipment Checkout/Checkout Fines. Enter your information and the total amount as instructed by the Checkout staff. To expedite lifting your ban, please stop by the checkout desk or call 216-421-7944. Only staff members can lift your ban; student work study employees cannot lift your ban.

Checkout fines may also be paid at the business office; you must bring your receipt to the Checkout desk to have staff lift your ban.

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