Below is the information and instructions for signing up for BFA printing. Please read entirely before signing up for your print slot.
Available time slots range from Wednesday, April 14th through Tuesday, April 27th. 
Please find the links to sign-up for BFA print slots to the right and click on your major group to reserve a time. Please sign-up under the environment for your major ONLY. After selecting your desired time slot by clicking on that space, fill out all information accurately and completely. You will receive an email notification shortly after submitting your reservation. Please be sure to read that confirmation message to assure it was made correctly. You can also use the links in that message to cancel or reschedule your time slot.
Print slots are to guarantee large plots and higher quantity prints will be ready to pick-up by the time the DOC closes at 11:00pm on Friday, April 30th. If you are unclear about whether or not you should sign up for a time slot please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Please sign up for ONLY ONE SLOT for your corresponding major group. If you sign up for two slots, the earlier of the two slots will be cancelled and you will be notified via email message.
  • A maximum of 2- 44" x 96" prints (60 square feet) can be printed during one slot. If you have more than 2 plots of this size it is recommend that you submit the difference before signups begin.
  • Each slot will end one half hour after the listed time. For example, if your slot is listed at 9:00am you will have until 9:30 to come in, drop your files and submit your work order.
  • If you miss your slot, your job priority will be moved behind those who have shown up for their slots on time.
  • You may submit your work before your specified time, as a matter of fact, it is encouraged.
  • Print slots are not transferrable, so do not reserve a slot under your name for someone else or have someone else submit their work for your reserved time.



  • Please contact the DOC Manager by Monday, April 12th to schedule work that will be submitted for mounting by the DOC in order to be guaranteed for pickup by the time we close at 11:00pm on Friday April 30th.
Your preparation and consideration are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by email or phone which can be found below in my signature.
Josh Werling | Digital Output Center Manager
216-421-7477 |