Application Deadline: Monday, March 29, 2021 4pm

The Cleveland Institute of Art’s President’s Traveling Scholarships are awarded for recognition of the exceptional merit of a body of work and the quality of the proposed use of the award. These awards support students’ growth and development through travel, and are intended to assist students in the pursuit of their creative work. Scholarships are open to students in any major, and students may also apply in the critical writing area. 

The initial review process is proposal-based, and awards are based on the quality of the proposal and the artist’s body of work as presented in their BFA exhibition.

The Scholarships

The President’s Traveling Scholarships are:

  • The First Agnes Gund Traveling Award, $4,500
  • The Second Agnes Gund Traveling Award, $4,500
  • The Third Agnes Gund Traveling Award, $4,500
  • Helen Greene Perry Traveling Scholarship, $4,000
  • Mary C. Page Memorial Scholarship, $3,500
  • Nancy Dunn Memorial Scholarship, $3,000

Scholarship amounts are determined by the Cleveland Institute of Art. All scholarship recommendations are reviewed and approved by the President of the Cleveland Institute of Art.


To be eligible to apply for the President’s Traveling Scholarships, students must be in their last year of study, be eligible for graduation, and have a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students deficient in credits are not eligible to apply and will not be reviewed. The Cleveland Institute of Art retains the right to determine if a student is eligible to apply. 

Scholarship Proposals

The President’s Traveling Scholarships encourages students to enhance their creative work through projects that present challenges, seek new influences, and develop a support network for their career.

*Applications from a group should include a single proposal, along with individual portfolios, and individual letters of recommendation. 

Proposals of the following types will not be considered:

  • Projects that do not include travel as an integral part of the proposal
  • Any equipment purchase
  • Projects whose primary emphasis is non-travel research
  • Pursue a degree-granting program (graduate school, for example)
  • Payment of outstanding CIA bills
  • Payment of past due bills of any kind
  • Activities of any kind that do not involve pursuit of one’s creative work

Students awarded a President’s Traveling Scholarship are required to sign an Agreement with the Cleveland Institute of Art. President’s Traveling Scholarships shall be used for the purpose designated in the proposal as awarded. Proposals are for travel outside Ohio. Scholarship funds must be used within six years of being awarded. A report of the experience must be submitted to the President within six months of returning.

Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals

The President’s Traveling Scholarships jury will recommend recipients to the President. The President, in consultation with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, makes all final scholarship decisions. The following criteria are used:

  • Grade Point Average          
  • Value and Appropriateness of Proposal to Visual Search
  • Creative and Inventive Artwork
  • Technical Proficiency / Craftsmanship
  • Feasibility of Proposal
  • Research for Proposal       
  • Presentation of the Application
  • Coherency of the Written Document
  • Documentation  / Support of Proposal           

All proposals will be reviewed based on the above criteria. Final selection will be determined by a review of the BFA exhibitions of the top 20 applicants selected as finalists, based on their proposal. Additions or modifications made to your BFA after the deadline will make your Proposal ineligible for evaluation. 


A jury comprised of one faculty member representing Design, Craft+Design, Visual Arts, Integrated Media, Liberal Arts, and Foundations, will be appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. 


Submit the following items:

  • Your contact information and major
  • Proposal Title and Summary
  • Upload:


One pdf document (Naming: LastNameFirstName_Major_proposal.pdf):

  • One-page proposal (on 8 1/2" x 11" paper, 12-point font with one-inch margins) describing your travel plans, work to be undertaken while traveling, and how the experience will be professionally beneficial. Please identify any special resources that will be significant for your work


One pdf document (Naming: LastNameFirstName_Major_portfolio.pdf):

  • Combination of a maximum of 18 images with captions within the PDF
  • If you are also presenting time-based work, videos must be linked on the online form to a website with URL provided in the field provided (Vimeo, YouTube, professional website, etc). Please indicate within your proposal that you submitted a link to a demo reel. The demo should not exceed 7 minutes.

NOTE: Upload maximum file size: 30mb



  • Three references, with contact information (name, title, and email address)


Letter of Support:

  • One letter of support for the proposal and the body of work from one of the student's references (suggest department faculty as letter writer) submitted by the reference, directly to Erin Duhigg, no later than Monday, April 5, 2021. (group applications should submit a letter of support for each group member)


Students may submit only one application. Students who collaborate to produce a body of work and plan to continue working together may apply together. No more than four students may apply collaboratively. If they receive an award, each student will enter into an agreement with the Cleveland Institute of Art and will receive an equal share of the awarded President’s Traveling Scholarship.



If you have any questions about the President's Traveling Scholarships, contact Erin Duhigg at or by phone 216.421.8021.