To register for a class:

  • Log in to at the top of the page with your account info
  • Locate the Course/Workshop Registration portal on the CE Home page and click ‘Add/Drop Courses’
  • Select the ‘2020-2021 – CE Summer’ term from the drop down menu
  • If you know the name of the class you want to take, you can enter it into the ‘Title’ field and hit search. If you don’t know the class title or want to view a full list of offerings, leave all fields blank and hit search.
  • Select the class you'd like to register for by checking the box in the left-hand ‘Add’ column
  • Select ‘Pay Now’ to complete your registration. Classes remain reserved in your account for 24 hours without payment, after which they will be dropped and you will need to re-select the class.
  • If you want to remove a reserved class, check the box under ‘Drop’ and select ‘Remove Selected Courses’. This will remove the class from your account.