Fall 2021 Teacher Workshops

Workshops take place on Saturday, October 16, 9am-4pm.

All workshops are in-person at CIA. Information on how to access the building with COVID-19 protocols will be emailed to you after registration. All workshops are $65 and include lunch.

All About Wacom Cintiqs

What is a Wacom Cintiq and how can you use it? Whether you want to draw, design, animate, or make digital art, there are many ways to get creative using a Wacom Cintiq! In this workshop, we’ll delve into the world of digital creation using these interactive drawing monitors and pens. After learning how to use the technology, we’ll apply our skills by creating digital paintings. Wacom Cintiqs are a great resource for in-person and virtual classrooms, and allow for students and educators to express their creativity while becoming well-versed in technology used by today’s top art and design industries.

Ceramics: 3D Printing

Explore the processes of 3D printing with clay! Through tutorials, we’ll learn how to construct an object and scan it to the 3D clay printer. Bring your ideas to print and spend the day model making and learning the creative fabrication possibilities!

Paper Marbling

Marbling is the technique of transferring paint suspended on water to another surface, traditionally paper. In this workshop, learn the essentials of marbling with acrylic paints: how to set up a marbling station, how to prepare paper, and how to recreate traditional marbling patterns.