Equity-Centered Teaching Resources

Creating Accessible Classrooms

This webpage outlines different perspectives on ability and provides strategies for creating accessible classrooms that promote belonging and student success.

Inclusive Pedagogy Toolkit

This comprehensive resource from Georgetown University offers evidence-based solutions for designing inclusive learning environments, addressing specific areas of content, pedagogy, assessment, climate, power, and mentorship. 

Teaching for Equity with Empathy (Video)

A scholar of sociology describes a practice of teaching for equity with empathy and provides strategies for implementation.

Making Teaching More Inclusive and Equitable (Podcast)

Discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on anti-racism and neurodiversity awareness. 

Visual Art Culture Education to Cultivate Critical Racial Consciousness

Description of a course module co-designed with students to nurture critical racial consciousness. 

How to Create a Learning Environment where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are Valued (Podcast)

Dr. Chavella Pittman describes how to create a learning environment where our most vulnerable and marginalized students and faculty can participate and benefit fully in the teaching and learning experience.

Anti-Racism Resources at CIA's Gund Library

This is a link to our library's resources on anti-racism. It includes lists of print and e-books as well as open access resources and related artists.

Reducing Bias In and Out of the Classroom

A collection of resources on bias and how it impacts different actions in higher education.

Diversity & Inclusion Syllabus Statements

The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning provides reflective questions and examples for crafting a personalized diversity statement.

Podcast Interview with Leigh Patel on her book, No Study Without Struggle: Confronting the Legacy of Settler Colonialism in Higher Education.

This interview is featured on the podcast, Fully Booked. Patel explains and troubles settler colonialism and explores how it is replicated in higher education. Patel, a transdisciplinary scholar, is also the author of Decolonizing Educational Research: From Ownership to Answerability. 


Art-Centered Teaching Resources

Art and Design Pedagogy in Higher Education: Knowledge, Values, and Ambiguity in the Creative Curriculum (Book)

This book suggests a student-centered model of curriculum that supports the development of creativity.

Art, Artists, and Pedagogy: Philosophy and the Arts in Education (Book)

This book "asks what the purpose of the arts is in education in the twenty-first century" and poses questions of the "relation of the arts to the world and what kind of society we may wish to envisage." Chapters include "Toward 'grown-up-ness in the world' through the arts as critical, quality pedagogy" and "Artists, presence and the gift of being unteacherly". 

A Conversation about Critique as a Signature Pedagogy in the Arts and Humanities

This article discusses the learning process of critique. It also previews and reviews essays in a special edition of the journal, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

Studio Critiques of Student Art: As They Are, As They Could Be with Mentoring

Abstract: "Explores the thoughts and feelings of instructors and students when students display their work for critical response. Experiences of instructors and students with critiques; How art critiques can be improved; Application of mentoring notions to critiques; Instructors and students' notion of studio critiques"