Link to Canvas:


Link to Video of Zoom Training Session with CIAThis 90-minute training session provided an overview of Canvas, including migrating content from Jenzabar e-learning to Canvas.

Link to 2nd Zoom Training Session: This 90-minute training session covered similar content as the previous training, and also touched on integrating Google elements. This training had more faculty in attendance, which resulted in additional questions and content.

Link to Google Integration and Gradebook Training Session: This 90-minute session provided helpful tips on connecting to Google drive and Google classroom elements, information about creating assignments, and a discussion of grading setup and procedures. During this session, our trainer shared three helpful resources: a Google Resource document, an Assignment Resource document, and a Grading Resource document

Introduction to Canvas (online, self-paced course with additional resources) - you will need to sign into Canvas to access this through the Help tab. 

  • This course provides a robust introduction to using Canvas. If you are new to Canvas or need a refresher, this is a great place to start. 
  • Sign into Canvas, click on Help (lower left corner), and scroll down to Training Services Portal. You will have to authorize your account, and then you can access various trainings, including this one:

How to Have Students Submit Assignments from Google Drive

This article outlines the use of online assignment settings in Canvas. This is useful, since files submitted to an online assignment do not count against the user's storage quota.

How to Migrate Your Content from another Canvas Account (video)

This youtube video explains how to export a course from another canvas account and import it into a current account. The presenter has a lot of great videos on utilizing Canvas.

Step-by-step guides for Canvas use (with screenshots)

This webpage from Tufts University has great guides to using different Canvas functions.

Leveraging Modules Resource Document

This guide from Canvas provides clear directions on creating and managing modules.

Great Canvas Resources

This guide from Canvas provides several links to help you get started with Canvas. It includes links to guides, videos on creating Canvas content, and other useful tools.