What's on Canvas and what's on myCIA?

  • CIA has been using myCIA Learn (Jenzabar) as our Learning Management System (LMS) and our Student Information System (SIS). Starting in Spring 2023, we switched to Canvas as our LMS. We will maintain myCIA for our SIS. This means that these sites are used for different purposes:
  • Canvas:
    • All course materials. You may choose to link to Google applications, which integrate well with Canvas. For more information, see our February 6 training on Canvas and Google integration. 
      • Assignments
      • Your gradebook (official grades will be submitted through myCIA)
      • Resources
      • Syllabus
      • Attendance (using Qwickly)
  • myCIA:

What will happen to my past courses on myCIA Learn (Jenzabar e-learning)?

  • Past classes will be kept on myCIA Learn until March 2023. You are responsible for downloading all of your content.