The Cleveland Institute of Art Fabrication Studios consists of four Shops and four Rooms. 

SHOPS: Available for use during the hours posted above and require Technical Specialists supervision.

  • Wood Shop
  • Metal Shop
  • Machining Shop
  • Plastic Shop

ROOMS: Available for use during the hours that the building is open and do NOT require TS staffing. 

  • Plaster/Stone Room
  • Oil Clay Room
  • Spray Mount Room
  • Spray Paint Booth

Wood Shop

The wood shop is available to help students develop projects relating to woodworking and building objects with wood. The shop features ample workspace, equipment, and tools to help research and conduct processes that include surfacing, cutting, shaping, sanding, turning, drilling and fastening.

Equipment Includes:

1 Panel Saw
3 Jointers (surface)
3 Planers (thickness)
5 Band Saws ()
2 SawStop Table Saws (More Information)
2 Miter Saws
2 Router Tables
3 Drill Presses
1 Combination Sander
1 Cantek 12"x 4' Edge Sander
1 Yates 16" Double Disc Sander
2 Spindle Sanders
1 Wide Belt Sander (37” Cantek)
2 Wood Lathes
1 Scroll Saw
Tormek T4 Sharpening System
Milwaukee Cordless Drills and Impact Drivers
Kreg Pocket Hole Screw System
Festool Products (More Information)
Laminated Wood Work Tables/Woodworking Vises
Various Hand Tools
Various Hand Held Power Tools (Jigsaws, Reciprocating Saws, Palm Sanders, etc)

Plastics Shop

The plastics shop is dedicated to work involving plastic and foam for making objects and sculpture. Processes conducted in the plastic shop are surfacing, cutting, shaping, sanding, drilling, and gluing.

Equipment Includes:

2 Band Saws (cutting/ resawing)
1 SawStop Table Saw (More Information)
1 10" DeWalt Miter Saw
1 Router Table
1 Drill Press
1 Combination Sander
1 Spindle Sander
1 10" Delta Lathe 
1 Scroll Saw
1 Vacuum Former
1 Clark Air Systems Air Revolver (More Information)

Machining Shop

The machining shop is where you’ll work on milling/drilling, tapping, turning, grinding, and the CNC milling machine.  Access to the equipment in this space requires additional training.

Equipment Includes:

1 Bridgeport Vertical Mill
1 South Bend 10" Metal Lathe
1 Metabo Bench Grinder with Particulate Extractor Vacuum
1 ShopBot 3-Axis CNC Router (60” x 96” Bed with a 6-inch Vertical Clearance) (More Information)
1 ShopBot 5-Axis CNC Router (More Information)

Plaster/Stone Room

The plaster/stone room is dedicated to the use of plaster, concrete and stone carving. Plaster can be used for mold making, such as ceramic slip-cast molds. Concrete is being used as a cast-able material for sculptural forms or tabletops. The worktables in this space are capable of handling mold making and stone carving. The brick saw is able to cut ceramic, stone, and concrete which can be used in a three-dimensional application.

Equipment Includes:

1 Brick Saw
1 Large-Capacity lb. Scale
1 Double Basin Sink
Coddle Boards for Plaster Molds
Marble Slab Work Tables
Air Filtration, Particulate Extraction, & Ventilation

Metal Shop

Our well-equipped metal shop provides students with the equipment to carry out the processes such as; sheet metal forming, breaking, rolling, hot and cold bending, sandblasting, welding (Arc, MIG, TIG, Oxy-Acetylene), tube bending, surface finishing, cutting (cold saw, band saw, shear, plasma cutter, oxy/acetylene torch), forging, and drilling.

Equipment Includes:

1 Vertical Band Saw
1 Kalamazoo Cold Cutting Miter Saw
1 Milwaukee Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
2 Clausing Drill Presses
1 Delta Combination Sander 
1 Wilton Belt Sander
1 Wellsaw Horizontal Band Saw
1 Pexto Stomp Shear
1 Niagara Finger Break
1 Niagara Slip Roller
1 Hossfeld Bender
1 Hypertherm Plasma Cutter
1 Oxy/Acetylene Torch Outfit
1 Lincoln Electric TIG 275 welder
3 MIG welders
1 MIFCO Large Capacity Gas Forge
1 300 lb Anvil
1 3-Ton Engine Hoist
1 Spot Welder
2 Metabo Bench Grinders
1 Trinco Dry Blast Sandblasting Cabinet

Spray Paint Booth

The spray paint booth is a dedicated space for applying solvent-based finishes and solvent- or water-based painting via a spraying application.

Equipment Includes:

Circulating Exhaust Spray Booth
2 Flammables Storage Cabinets
2 Large Lazy Susan Worktables
3 Small Lazy Susan Worktables
Ceiling Mounted Drying Rack

Spray Mount Room

The spray mount room is dedicated to cutting and mounting or laminating material using spray adhesive.

Equipment Includes:

1 Clark Air Downdraft Table
1 Large 5' x 9' Cutting Table
2 Heavy Steel Straight Edges
1 Flammables Storage Cabinet

Fabrication Studios proudly use and maintain a fleet of equipment and tools from the following companies and manufacturers. 

Fabrication Studios is not sponsored or funded by any of the following companies or manufacturers.