During the summer, all new and continuing students will receive access to an online training program that deals with prevention of sexual assault, sexual violence, stalking, substance abuse, and bystander intervention.  Students are required to complete the modules before classes begin.  This type of training is now required of all colleges by the federal government, and is part of CIA’s compliance with Title IX regulations. 

The approach to the information is realistic and honest, and includes illustrations of situations that some students across the US have confronted.  Also included are CIA’s policies and procedures concerning the reporting and investigation of reports of sexual violence, and resources available.   The modules on stalking, substance abuse, and bystander intervention are included as these topics are closely related to assault and violence.

You are invited to view the CIA Annual Security Report , reported to the federal government under the Jeanne Clery Act (as amended).  If you have any questions concerning the training or CIA’s efforts in this area, please contact me:  Nancy Neville, Dean of Student Affairs, nneville@cia.edu , 216-421-7427.

Below, you will find an explanation of the events that led to this requirement, as well as details about the program and follow-up activities that will be offered at CIA.  Your student has received the following message within their orientation module:


Welcome to CIA!  We are really looking forward to your joining our community.

You are about to start a new and exciting chapter in your life, and we are here to help you be successful in your personal and professional growth.  During your college years, you’ll meet new people, become more independent, and develop skills that will add to your foundation for the future.

This section of your orientation concerns our efforts to help improve your social and personal safety.  Unfortunately, there have been many media reports about the varied responses to reported sexual assaults on college campuses.  In reaction, the federal government now requires all colleges to focus their attention on ways to help students become more aware of ways that they can avoid negative situations, and improve their knowledge of how to report an assault as well as the resources available to help the individual both personally and legally.  A summary of our policies and resource information can be found on our website .

CIA has searched for online training programs that could be available to all students and viewed at their own pace.  We have identified THINK ABOUT IT® and believe it will provide information about sexual, dating and domestic violence, stalking, substance abuse, and bystander intervention.  We will continue to provide programming to support this training throughout the year. 

You are invited to view the CIA Annual Security Report , reported to the federal government under the Jeanne Clery Act (as amended).

Sometime in early summer, you will receive a personal link to access THINK ABOUT IT®. You are expected to complete the program before you arrive on campus in the fall. 

I welcome any comments, concerns, or other thoughts you might have about this effort.  Please contact me at nneville@cia.edu or 216-421-7427.  My office is in JMC 120, so stop by any time.

Thanks, and have a great summer!

Nancy Neville

Dean of Student Affairs