The Institute regards its students as adults who are responsible for their actions, conduct and any resulting consequences. Students must maintain high standards of conduct and professionalism in their work, and respect the property of the college and fellow students, faculty and staff.

The issuance of threats of physical harm to other students or faculty will result in immediate suspension from the Institute and you will be locked out of all facilities until such time as an appropriate hearing (description below) may be convened. In most instances, you will be required to undergo a complete psychiatric evaluation and to obtain a letter from the evaluators that your return to the Institute does not represent a clear and present danger to others, including yourself. An unsatisfactory evaluation will lead to your dismissal.

The University Circle Police will be advised of your threats. Your doctor and your parents (provided they are providing a significant portion of your tuition) will be notified and, given the nature of your offense, all rights to confidentiality are deemed waived with respect to those parties.