Current Attendance Policy according to CIA's Academic Policies. This policy may be updated based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is in your best interest to attend all sessions of the classes in which you are registered and to attend all associated lecture programs and meetings. Your progress as an artist depends not only on completion of assignments but also on full participation in dialogue with studio and academic classes. Each faculty member has discretion in taking attendance and penalizing habitual absences or tardiness, and will advise the class about what will be considered acceptable attendance for the purpose of grading.

Three weeks of class absences may result in failure. Four weeks of absences will result in failure. You must notify your faculty member if you will miss a class, and Academic Services if you will miss more than one class. If you have a problem with missed classes, meet with an Academic Services staff member to discuss your options.

Individual faculty members may require written documentation of your illness or injury. Note that Student Health Services (SHS) does not provide documentation for class excuses. Under certain circumstances, SHS will give you written verification of the date of your visit to their office. If you are hospitalized or have an extended illness, you should give permission to a staff member in Academic Services so they can communicate with SHS and the hospital regarding your illness and assist you. You should contact your instructor(s) as soon as possible after an unavoidable absence. An unexcused absence from a final critique or exam will result in automatic failure of the course. You are required to notify a staff member in the Office of Academic Services prior to missing a final exam or critique.