Welcome to Continuing Education on myCIA

Welcome to the registration page for CIA's Continuing Education (CE) program. Here, you can sign up for a continuing education class or workshop.

All CE students registering online for a class must have a myCIA account. If you currently have a myCIA account, please login above with your username and password. If you do not have a myCIA account, follow the instructions in the Account Creation/Retrieval section below. 

Note: If you have not taken a CE class within the last year, you will need to retrieve your account information (even if you already know your username and password) in order to update your existing account so that you are able to register online. 

Alternatively, you can register over the phone at 216-421-7460.

To find more details about our individual programs, visit our main website.

To register for a class:

Step 1: Log in at the top of this page with your account info. If you do not have a username and password, you can set up an account by clicking "Continue" under the Account Creation/Retrieval section above

Step 2: In the Course/Workshop Registration section below, click ‘Add/Drop Courses’

Step 3: Select the ‘2021-2022 – CE Fall’ term from the drop down menu

Step 4: If you know the name of the class, you can enter it into the ‘Title’ field and click 'Search'. If you don’t know the class title or want to view a full list of offerings, leave all fields blank and click 'Search'

Step 5: Select the class you'd like to register for by checking the box in the left-hand ‘Add’ column and then clicking 'Add Courses' at the bottom of the page

Step 6: Select ‘Pay Now’ to complete your registration and pay by credit card or e-check. Classes remain reserved in your account for 24 hours without payment, after which they will be dropped and you will need to re-select the class. If you want to remove a class from your cart, check the box under ‘Drop’ and select ‘Remove Selected Courses’

You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.

There are no current courses.

Important Forms for Young Artists

All students under 18 years of age must complete the below forms before the first day of class. 

Questions or Registration Help
ce@cia.edu - 216.421.7460