Provide first-year students at CIA with opportunities to explore and integrate themselves into the academic environment, cultivate relationships with faculty, staff and peers, and grow as young adults and professionals. Through intentional programming and mentorship, first-year students will establish and practice behaviors that promote personal wellness, building a sense of belonging, and making positive contributions to the CIA community.


  1. Explore and integrate themselves into the academic environment at CIA.
  2. Engage in the process of making purposeful choices towards their major and career path.
    1. Students learn about the academic and career connections of majors that interest them.
  3. Cultivate a connection with faculty and academic resources.
    1. Students can articulate the importance and role of faculty as educators, mentors, and leaders in their respective fields.
    2. Understanding how students are able to use academic resources such as tutoring, the Writing Center, Check Out, the Fabrication Studio, and the DOC.
    3. Providing opportunities for students to become better academic writers as well as hone presentational skills.

1. Students will participate in curricular and co-curricular activities allowing them to engage with various communities in and around CIA.

  1. Develop a sense of belonging and desire to contribute to the campus community.

  2. Students will  practice inclusive behaviors and contribute to a thriving community. 

  3. Opportunities for students to  engage with faculty outside the immediate classroom environment. 

  4. Students will understand their larger role within society through service learning, internships, and engaged practices with the community.

1. Students will be provided opportunities to practice behaviors that promote personal growth and development. 

  1. Identify the dimensions of wellness and the resources available on campus to support their well-being.

  2. Students develop a greater sense of resiliency and ability to successfully overcome challenges.

  3. Students will strive to develop authenticity. 

  4. Students will seek out new opportunities to expand and challenge their perspectives and worldviews. 

  5. Students will work to develop meaningful relationships with peers and other individuals within their communities.

By going to College 101 sponsored programs, students have the ability to win up to 3 different prizes a semester. Each program they attend counts toward a total number of programs that result in prizes.

  • Attendance at events will be tracked on CANVAS starting in Fall of 2023.
  • Prizes are granted at 4 events, 6 events, and 8 events each semester. 

Programming Fall Semester 2023


(AC) Week of August 28th:  Attend the introduction to Library resources (via Foundations courses)

September 1   Attend the Student Activities Fair!

September 8    Lunch on Friday: Creativity Works, Peter B. Lewis Auditorium

September 13 Attend the Student Leadership Council meeting 

September 15th - 7pm - Game night with the Orientation leaders.

September 19  Participate in National Voter Registration Day. Sponsored by the Jessica R. Gund Memorial Library

September 29  Lunch on Friday: Beth Hoag presents about CIA land history, Peter B. Lewis Auditorium

Week of 9/25- Participate in one of the Study Abroad week presentations.


October 5   Attend the “Preparing for Midterms” session by Academic Services

October 6    Lunch on Friday, Bickford Visiting Artist, Eric J. Garcia, Peter B. Lewis Auditorium.

October 8th- Studio Discovery Panel Discussion and Reception

October 13   Lunch on Friday, Lukaza Branfman Verissimo, Peter B. Lewis Auditorium.

October 13 – Spoooooky Halloween Trivia with your Orientation Group. Co-Sponsored by Student Life and Housing and the Gund Library.

October 17- Attend the Career Fair sponsored by Career Services

October 20  Lunch on Friday, Sina Grace in Conversation with Zach Savich: Superman 85, Peter B. Lewis Auditorium.

October 27 - Participate in CIA’s Halloween Trick or Treat

October 27    Lunch on Friday, Sabbatical presentation, Seth Nagelberg, Peter B. Lewis Auditorium


November 4th  Attend Emerging Leaders Retreat


December 1st-2nd  Attend and/or sell at the Holiday Sale

December 6th  Attend Late Night Breakfast