Summer hours for Checkout

Covid-19 update: Will Checkout be available during the summer?
(Updated July 9, 2020)

Summer loans/hours: Summer hours for Checkout are 8am-3pm weekdays. Staff and faculty may make equipment reservations through the online portal for pickup during these times. Please contact Steven Mastroianni for any extended reservation needs or special requests.

Summer equipment loans for students are available on a limited basis for CIA related activities, and must be accompanied by a faculty or staff approval, and must make an appointment to pick up equipment from Entrance B.

Students who still have equipment checked out from Spring semester must make an appointment to complete returns. Students are not permitted into the building at this time, so we will meet you at entrance B to complete returns. 

Checkout Fines: Items not returned at the end of the semester WILL be subject to fines and a hold on your student account, grades, and graduation. Please contact the Checkout manager Steven Mastroianni if you have any questions or concerns about returning your equipment.

You are responsible for all equipment in your possession until it is returned to CIA.

Instructors and staff--if you need to schedule bulk and/or repeating reservations, please contact to check on availability and set up your reservation. Resources are available on a first come/first serve basis, so please anticipate and help us plan for your requests.

Cintiq Pens

Do you frequently borrow Cintiq Pens? Did you know that CIA students and staff can get a special discount on Cinitq pens? Follow this link to the CDW-G page and request a one time account set up. Discounts are approximately 30% off of list price on these items.

Checkout Reservation System

Log In

The Checkout reservation system requires your CIA email as your log in. If you encounter difficulties, please contact or come to the Checkout desk (rm. 325) so that we can update your profile in our system. 

Loan Periods

Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance. Most items are available for 24 hours, items reserved on Friday can be taken for the weekend. Certain items, including Wacom tablets, Cintiq pens and adapters, and iPads are available for up to two weeks. Renewals can be made in person at the Checkout desk or via email request. One renewal per item based on availability and demand. Users must wait 24 hours before reserving the same item type again. (i.e., laptops or cameras cannot be reserved back to back). 


There is a minimum fine of $2.00 plus .50 per hour (during open hours) on every late item, per item. Uncharged batteries and unattended equipment will incur a flat $10 fine. Fines apply to ALL users. Users will not be able to make any new reservations until fines are paid. Three late returns in a semester will result in an automatic one week ban from Checkout.

Be considerate! Late returns affect everyone else using the Checkout when that resource isn't available for the next user.

If you are going to be late for any reason, please contact the Checkout office so that we can anticipate the situation, and when possible, accommodate you to avoid penalties. 


The Equipment Checkout desk is located on the 3rd floor, room 325.

For general inquiries contact

or Steven Mastroianni, Technology Checkout Manager, at 

Equipment checkout office phone: 216 421 7944

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