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Closed for Orientation

The equipment checkout is closed for Orientations for the rest of Friday afternoon, August 24th. 

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#1 POSTED BY guest guest, 12/08 11:49 PM

The campus is going wild on the prediction of Pure Taboo; all are saying it is going to world-famous hit this year But I am not so sure about it. Keeping in mind the previous version of pure taboo all I can they are going to beat everything they saw in the first time. People are going crazy wild on this, and they are not going to stop no matter what but you guys should know the fact is it's going to explode sooner or later.

Pure Taboo is world famous now, and you guys should join it while it's offering cheap discounts on pure taboo and will not stop until you go in the bracket of tax and other important information you need.

#2 POSTED BY guest guest, 01/20 5:18 AM

That's good to know it.