Open by Appointment
Due to COVID-19, CIA's buildings are closed to the public. The DOC is open and currently taking orders submitted online. Every effort will be made to complete orders in the timeliest manner possible but approximate turnaround times are 5-7 business days. Please use the "Place an order" link at the lefthand side of your screen to place an order. You will receive an email message when your order is complete and pickup will be done curbside by appointment only. Payment by phone with a credit card prior to pickup is preferred. If you have questions or concerns regarding these arrangements, please contact the DOC using the "Contact" tab to the left.



CIA Curbside Pick-up/Drop-off Procedure:

CIA is pleased to offer a curbside pick-up and drop-off area in Lot 74 off of 117th St on the Northeast side of the Joseph McCullough Center. For the sake of expedience, please call ahead in order to arrange a pick-up/drop-off time.

Upon arrival, look for the blue informational board, directly across from the lot entrance. Pull into one of the designated pick-up/drop-off parking spaces. Then call the phone number listed on the info board.

There is no public admittance to the building and all entrances are locked. Therefore a cellular device will be required to call upon arrival.

The mission of the DOC is to further the efforts of The Cleveland Institute of Art through service and education to foster familiarity and proficiency of students and the community at large, in the field of digital print and production.

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All credit added to student print accounts is final.
Refunds to print accounts can be made through Papercut in the event of an error. However, credit added cannot be refunded.
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