Acid free, non-staining pressure sensitive (cold) mounting films are used to adhere printed images to a wide variety of substrates from foam core to acrylic to aluminum. The application process utilizes our Seal wide-format laminator for proper pressure and low temperature heat assist to assure optimal adhesion without bubbling or wrinkling. Links to specifics on each substrate type can be accessed by clicking on the media name in the Price List.


Wide-Format (up to 44" wide): Pressure sensitive (cold) PVC based mounting films are used to laminate the face of wide-format prints. Please note this process is not used to create rigidity so much as it is to provide a print shield to protect images from UV exposure, marring or damage in high traffic areas and to provide an alternative surface finish for images (gloss or luster).
Pouch (letter or tabloid sizes): Low melt adhesives are used to fully encapsulate prints providing rigidity, protection and a gloss finish.