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New ways to connect to WiFi
High priority
The Support Service team is happy to announce that authenticated wireless networking (authenticated “WiFi”) is now available for your personal devices, while you are in the Gund building. If you are using a laptop that has been provided by CIA, we will make a separate announcement soon about enabling authenticated WiFi on those devices. Our residence halls will not be affected by this change, because they are on a separate system then the Gund building.  

Authenticated WiFi access provides the following benefits:

  • No timeout after inactivity (no more need to log on repeatedly!)
  • Secure connectivity to WiFi
  • Automatic WiFi connectivity when your device starts up
  • Faster connectivity

How to get started:

Please log in to myCIA and visit the WiFi page in the Technology section for more information and instructions. You will need to transition your personal devices from using the CIA_Guest or CIA_IOS WiFi networks to the new network before the beginning of the second semester.

During winter break the IOS WiFi network that was part of the iPad program will be turned off, and the Guest network will change to become a true guest network for visitors and guests, with reduced speed and capabilities.  
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