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Top 8 Updates at CIA

Summer Construction Completion and Room Changes

  • 203 and 205 are general-access labs.
    • The door for 203 has shifted one door down the hall.
    • Both labs are 24 seats macOS labs.
  • 319 now houses the Animation department, in the former 312, 313, 314, 316, 317, 318, and 320 rooms.
    • 319A is a 18 seat Windows lab.
    • 319B is a 24 seat macOS lab with Cintiqs and specialty animation software.
    • 319C is a 24 seat Windows lab.
    • 319D is a breakout critique space.
    • 319E is the new animation office.
    • 319 is a studio space with 7 macOS and 42 Windows workstations.
  • 410 and 401 are both dedicated to the Illustration department.
  • 327 has three new labs.
    • 327B is a 18 seat macOS lab.
    • 327H is a 18 seat Windows lab.
    • 327i is a 18 seat macOS lab with Cintiqs.
  • 327C, D, E, and F are the new Game Design, Photo-Video and Bio-Medical Art offices.
  • 119B, C, and D are the new HR suite.
  • 416 is the new Painting and Drawing office.

A printable map of the new academic building floorplan is available here.


Logging into Adobe Software

Hopefully you received an email about your new Adobe account just in the last few weeks (if not please fill out the support form). If you are a student at CIA (or as staff you have a CIA-owned laptop), you will receive full access to the Adobe Creative Cloud and software. You will have the option to install Adobe software on two personal devices. To access the CIA-provided software, you will need to click the link in the Adobe email and go through the account creation process. Access to the CIA-offered software will only be granted to an adobe account created using your CIA student email account ( or respectively).

Adobe has mandated that all access to software will require an Adobe account. Due to this change all CIA lab computers will require that you login to your Creative Cloud Account to use Adobe software. Logging into a lab computer will not use one of your two personal device licenses.

If you are faculty or staff without a CIA-owned laptop, you also receive an Adobe account but not the provisioned software. We will have more information about Adobe software discounts over the fall Semester. In October and November, we will visit offices and set up an update schedule to update Adobe software.


WiFi Updates around the academic building

This summer we have added more access points around the Academic Building to increase internet coverage.

Connecting to WiFi in the academic building is different from connecting in the residence hall (if you need help with connecting in the residence halls, click here). To connect while in studios, atrium, library, classrooms, or computer labs, you will need to access at hidden network called CIA-Student (or CIA-Employee). Read the How-Tos for all wifi-connecting devices here. More information is available on the myCIA Technology Page, click WiFi in the left column or click here


New Wacom Tablets in classrooms

We have added 31 new Wacom 24HD Cintiqs to our fleet of 45 old Wacom 22HD Cintiqs. New Cintiqs are mounted on a jointed arm. If you would like to use a Cintiq, please get a pen from Checkout. The old Cintiqs require an old pen, so make sure you know which device you want to use before approaching Checkout.


New Checkout Reservation System

Equipment Checkout has a brand new, up to date reservation system! When you log in to reserve your equipment, you'll find a new, easier to use interface. Browse illustrated categories, add equipment to your shopping cart, set your reservation times, and submit your request. You'll still find all of your technology needs, including tablets, pens, laptops, cameras, lighting, and sound equipment.

We hope faculty will continue to encourage students to take advantage of this free resource, and we encourage faculty and staff to use it too. Please contact us for any special class needs, and we'll set up long term or bulk loans.


CWRU Shield App no longer functional

Case Western Reserve University has ended support for the CWRU Shield app. The replacement is Rave Guardian, which is available from the Apple's App Store or Google Play. Please remove the CWRU Shielf app from your devices, and replace it with Rave Guardian. Please see Case's announcement for more details on this change.


Changes in security staff

Effective July 1st, our contracted security services will be provided by Allied Universal Security. Allied has a familiarity with both the neighborhood and higher education environments, as they have contracts at other locations within University Circle. We expect a smooth transition in security services.
Also, CIA is in the process of hiring security guards who will report directly to Steven Hammett, our Chief of Public Safety. These guards will be responsible for overseeing security operations and our contracted services, primarily after hours and on weekends. This role will enhance our safety measures and emergency response capabilities outside of normal working hours. When we have finished the hiring process another announcement will be made to introduce them to our community.
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