The following groups are approved and supported organizations through Student Leadership Council


Intervarsity : Come check us out here!

Black Scholars and Artists Club: Come check us out here!

CIA Activities Board (CAB): Come check us out here!

Community Service Club: Come check us out here!

Digital Media Club: 

Glass Guild: Come Check us out here!

IDSA: Come check us out here!

Latinx Heritage and Appreciation Club: Come check us out here!  

Photography and Video Club: 

Printmaking Club: Come check us out here!

Student Independent Exhibition: Come check us out here!


President: (Contact: Bella Lorraine)

The President shall preside at meetings and shall prepare an agenda for each regular meeting from previous minutes and from information submitted in writing from campus organizations, class representatives, or the general student body.  This agenda shall be made available to the student body one (1) day prior to each meeting.

The President shall keep and organize a copy of all minutes, either in paper or digital from.

The President shall also maintain a monthly contact with the Provost and/or President of the CIA to give progress and updates of SLC activity.

The President has authority to include in the agenda matters pertinent of the SLC and the greater Cleveland community. The President has the  obligation to intervene when proceedings are out of order or when  discussion does not pertain to the business at hand.

The President may not vote of SLC matters, and must remain impartial.

President-Elect: (Contact TBA) 

The President-elect shall preside when the President is absent and shall be responsible for aiding the President whenever necessary. All meetings at which the President addresses matters concerning the SLC outside of regular SLC meetings, the President-elect must attend. The President-elect shall take responsibility of Secretary at these meetings.  

Treasurer: (Contact Luca Diaz)

The Treasurer shall preside when the President-Elect is absent and shall  be responsible for aiding the President whenever necessary. The Treasurer shall handle all matters dealing with the budget and at each regular meeting shall make a financial report covering actual and projected revenues and expenditures for the pending school year. All records must be kept on file, either digitally or on paper. An “end of the year” report and reconciliation will be made with the SLC advisor.

Secretary: (Contact TBA)

(Agenda items should be sent to Dr. Smith at

The Secretary shall preside when the Treasurer is absent.  The Secretary  shall take attendance at the meetings, record proceedings and votes. All minutes, proposals, and schedules shall be kept on file by both the Secretary and the President. The Secretary shall prepare typed minutes for the meetings to be made available to SLC members after each meeting in either digital or paper form.

The purpose of SLC is to foster communication, and understanding between students from all grade levels and departments, as well as, between the students, faculty, and administration of CIA. They look to further the aims, goals, and desires of the students of CIA by seeking and incorporating student opinions, while providing supplemental and complementary experiences to the educational mission of CIA.

Need to set up a Meeting?

Please be mindful of the following policies regarding student meetings and COVID-19 restrictions:

1. No more that 10 people in one meeting. If there are more than 10, you should hold your meeting on google hangout.

2. You need to submit requests 72 hours prior to the event for it to be considered.

3. You will need to wipe down your own space once the meeting is completed. 

4. Attendance will need to be taken and this form filled out after the meeting.


Click HERE to go to the reservation form


Welcome to your Budget Resource page!

Each year, student organizations have the ability to apply for a budget through SLC for their organization. This process begins each March. The link to the form is below.



If you have more than five events for the upcoming year, you will need to fill out the following form for each additional event




Flyer template

Advertising an event?  Use this template to make sure you leave space for the Student Life and Housing Stamp. The stamp will always go in the bottom right corner of a flyer. No matter if the flyer is horizontal or vertical. Flyers printed without this space will still be charged to your organization's account and will not be hung. 

Please refer to this list when doing advertisements for events. It is important that you refer to the spaces by correct names. 

(.pdf, 80K)


The Bi-Laws and Constitution provide the rules around how SLC operates and works to advocate for students.

Starting a Student Group

Looking to start a student organization on campus, please click the PDF to find out how to organize your club!

Getting a refund for something that you purchased

Click here to go to the expense report and fill it out to get reimbursed for things you purchase for your club!

A step-by-step guide to filling out an expense report for club spending.

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