Room 115A, JMC

Students, faculty and staff have access to the finishing area in the Digital Output Center and the equipment below. Please note that the Digital Output Center does not supply knives and/or blades.

  • Work Tables
    • 5' x 8' tables with self-healing cutting mats for reviewing, trimming, mounting and laying work flat. Please note that this is a clean space so mediums such as spray mount, charcoal and chalk pastels are prohibited.
    • 54" rototrim cutter to easily trim paper mediums.
    • 52" heavy, safety-edge ruler w/ steel edge for trimming down work using a knife and blade.
  • Stack Paper Cutter
    • Convert stacks of paper up to 16.5" wide/long and up to 1.5" thick. Please do not use this device to cut book board or any material other than paper.
  • Wall Cutter
    • Easily and accurately cut substrates such as foam board, illustration board and other materials up to 66" high.
  • Creasing
    • Crease paper stocks up to 130gsm (cardstock) for folding.
  • Binding
    • Wire and stable-staple binding options are available for student, faculty and staff use.
  • Corner Round
    • Round corners of paper, foam board and other substrates to .5" or 25" radius for a more finished look and feel that will set your work apart.
  • Grommet Machine
    • Add grommets to work for hanging and display purposes.