Neurodiversity Resources

How Universities Can Better Welcome Neurodiverse Students

This site offers a simple overview of issues related to Autism and ADHD and supportive strategies to help these students succeed in the classroom.

Building Neurodiversity-Inclusive Postsecondary Campuses: Recommendations for Leaders in Higher Education

This is a longer article about supports for neurodiverse individuals. You may find helpful tips by scanning the recommendation headers for issues that relate to your classroom. For example, recommendation seven addresses how to "recognize and accommodate sensory discomfort, distraction distress, and overload."

Neurodiversity in Education (Podcast)

This podcast features a scholar of psychology and co-founder of the Neurodiversity Network. They offer a definition of neurodiversity and discuss challenges and strategies in education.

Panel Discussion on Neurodiversity in the University Classroom

"Grounded in a disability justice framework and a commitment to universal design for learning, this virtual presentation and discussion will address key issues, tensions, and helpful strategies to create classrooms that support engagement of and success for neurodiverse learners."

Mental Health

Faculty Guide to Supporting Student Mental Health

This guide from the Jed Foundation describes straightforward and significant steps faculty can take to support mental health, recognize and reach out to struggling students, and connect students to professional help.