Total Square Footage: 0.00 sq ft

Total Cost: $0.00

To use the Cost calculator at left:

  1. Refer to the price list below to find the cost per square foot that corresponds with your media choice.
  2. Enter your image size and unit of measurement.
    • It is okay to swap width and height, it is all the same to us as long as the proportions are entered correctly.
  3. Enter Quantity (this is the number of prints being requested and must be at least 1)
  4. Check radio button for tax to calculate the total cost.
    • Alumni, Case and CSU students check the 20% discount radio button
    • Please note, you must be a CIA graduate or present a valid student ID upon pickup to receive 20% discount.
  5. Find and note your calculated cost.
    • It is advised to confirm prices via phone or email as the DOC is not responsible for miscalculated printing costs.