Your studio is provided to enable you to work within your own environment on campus. For safety’s sake, the following items are not permitted in your studio or in areas adjacent to your studio unless they are provided by CIA:

  • Small appliances including coffee makers, hot plates, toaster ovens, crockpots, refrigerators, and other similar items

  • Microwaves (public use microwaves are available in the Student Lounge in Gund and on the third floor in the JMC Building)

  • Upholstered furniture of any sort (easy chairs, sofas, mattresses, etc.)

  • Halogen lamps

The Institute will work with department heads who wish to have a refrigerator set up in a common area for use by their majors.

If your prohibited item(s) is confiscated, you have 30 days to take the form left in its place to the Facilities Management and Safety Office to get your item and take it home. After that time, the item will be either thrown away or donated to charity. Repeat offenders will be documented and handled though the Institute Student Conduct process. If you have questions, contact the Facilities Management and Safety Office at 216-421-7950.