Students, faculty members, staff members at CIA and persons whom they invite to join them have the right to demonstrate on CIA property provided they conduct themselves according to the regulations set forth below:                                   

  1. Demonstrations will under no circumstances block free entry to or exit from college buildings, or interfere with the free movement of any person on college grounds or in college buildings or otherwise interfere with the normal business of the college

  2. Demonstrators will conduct themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner and will refrain from any loud noises that disrupt classes, meetings, assemblies or academic pursuit.

  3. Counter demonstrators will observe the same standards as set forth above. Demonstrations may not be interfered with by other than duly constituted authorities.

  4. If or when, in the judgment of the president of the college, the Dean of Students or their designated representatives, a demonstration has passed out of control to the extent that freedom of expression is abridged, freedom of movement on the campus or the normal conduct of college affairs is threatened, or property is being damaged, a verbal attempt will be made by the college representative to persuade demonstrators to desist from practices in violation of these standards.

  5. Should the demonstrators fail to respond in accordance with these standards, they will be warned of the consequences and given a reasonable period of time to desist.

  6. After the expiration of a reasonable period of time, the names of those who do not observe these standards will be requested. The names of such persons may be obtained by such means, short of force, as repeated demands, photographing or any other reasonable procedure designed to elicit such information. Any photographs and negatives used for identification shall become the exclusive property of the appropriate conduct bodies, not to be distributed, and shall be destroyed upon final settlement of the case.

  7. If persuasion and warning fail, campus security may be employed to bring the demonstrations under control.

  8. If, in the judgment of the president of the college, the Dean of students or their designated representatives, campus security seems unable to cope successfully with the situation, then these same authorities may request outside assistance.

Action in the Event of Violations                                   

Cases in which an allegation of violation of the foregoing regulations is brought against a CIA student are within the jurisdiction of Assistant Dean of Student Affairs as Chief Judicial Officer.               

Cases in which an allegation of violation of these regulations is brought against any other person shall be referred to the president of the college.