The Institute believes in freedom of artistic expression. Artistic freedom is vital to both the cultural and political health of our society. It is essential in a democracy that values and protects the rights of the individual to espouse his or her beliefs.

The Institute’s responsibility for and dedication to securing the conditions in which freedom of artistic expression can flourish extends to all forms of artistic expression, including fine arts, design, literature, and performance. The opportunity to display or perform works of art at the Institute is made available through several academic processes and procedures in which faculty members, students, and other duly appointed individuals exercise their best professional judgment. Among these procedures are selection of gallery shows by the Gallery, selection of artwork for student shows by selected appointed outside jurors, or performances/displays as part of an approved curriculum. Such authorized displays or performances, no matter how unpopular the work might be, must be unhindered and free from coercion. Members of the Institute community and guests must reflect in their actions a respect for the right to communicated ideas artistically, and must refrain from any act that would cause that right to be abridged. At the same time, the Institute recognizes that the right of artists to exhibit or perform does not preclude the right of others to take exception to particular works of art. However, this later right must be exercised in ways that do not prevent a work of art from being seen and must not involve any form of intimidation, defacement, or physical violence. The Institute rejects the claim of any outside individual or agency of the right to dictate the appropriateness or acceptability of the display or performance of any work of art in its facilities or as part of its educational programs.