The CIA Student Bill of Rights guarantees to all students:

  1. Retention of their rights as citizens of the community at large

  2. Protection in the classroom of freedom of expression and against improper academic evaluation

  3. Protection of their rights to privacy regarding access to and disclosure of student records (in accordance with the Buckley amendment and Family Educational Rights and Protections Act).

  4. Student Activities rights regarding freedom of association, inquiry, and expression, along with the right to participate in Institute governance and to maintain a student press free from censorship.

  5. The right to be free in their persons, living quarters, papers, and effects against unwarranted search and seizures.

  6. The right to remain silent and receive basic due process in disciplinary proceedings.

Students may be subject to disciplinary actions for conduct that violates Institute policies and regulations. Being found responsible of such conduct might result in Institute disciplinary action. The Director of Student Life and Housing supervises the Institute’s disciplinary system. The procedures of criminal and civil courts shall not govern disciplinary proceedings at the Institute. In such proceedings, formal rules of evidence shall not be applicable, nor shall deviations from prescribed procedures invalidate a proceeding or decision, unless significant prejudice to an alleged violator or to the Institute may result.